There are differing opinions among business owners about in-house bookkeeping. One popular belief is that hiring an employee to manage the company’s books is the best option for balancing other pressing business needs. While this could be true if you feel your business can navigate its bookkeeping with some ease, there are several critical perks to hiring a third-party bookkeeping service that you may want to hear about before you make a decision. 


It’s A Protective Measure


The main advantage of using third-party bookkeeper services is that it affords you specific legal protections for yourself, the business, and any partners or associates. If there is a correction to be made, it’s often better for a skilled professional with a vetted financial background to apply fixes to any mistakes found. As the CPA is an outsider in a sense, they are providing fresh eyes. They may better catch incorrect details that could otherwise be easily overlooked and lead to unfortunate legal headaches.


Accuracy is Better Assured


Even business owners and employees trained in software used for bookkeeping might not be using it with the specialized knowledge base of a CPA. Though you may understand the “lay of the land” in your books, the third-party bookkeeper is “in the zone” as a full-time professional and spends considerably more time keeping up to date with changes in process, technology, and training associated with bookkeeping. Their level of education and dedication to the bookkeeping process naturally leads to a higher standard of accuracy. 


It’s Cost-Effective


Not all businesses need a full-time bookkeeper, and when considering having your books managed in-house, there is a salary expenditure (including benefits) to consider. Also, your costs can increase due to resources used for even part-time bookkeeping; The few hours worked by someone in this position may not justify the overall costs. 


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