There are a lot of numbers, preferably positive ones, flowing through your business. The thing is, with all of the work you’re putting into furthering your business, you may not have time to account for every number listed on the page and keep track of your assets. Business owners are busy keeping up with the daily tasks of keeping their businesses running. Especially for small business owners, keeping up with running their business, managing employees, cutting checks for employees, vendors, and tax authorities can be overwhelming.  CPAs can lend a much needed helping hand in ensuring that the money that flows into your business isn’t flowing out without your knowledge.


What’s a CPA, Anyway?



Imagine all of the mathematics that you don’t like to do when calculating your expenditures, revenue, net losses, profit, etc. Now imagine if someone else did that for you and they could not only save you money on your tax liability but also help you plan for your future. The “Certified” part of being a CPA means that your accountant passed the state CPA exam. This qualifies your CPA to counsel you about your finances and your tax liability.


Okay, They’re Accountants; But What Do They “Account?”



A good CPA is a great financial counselor and manager, even going so far as to be capable of providing planning and management rulings for all financial intersections through the business. The CPA’s protective measure for a business is the strategy: where and what to budget, maintaining insurance items, devising a system to handle cash, and addressing risk management issues, among many other crucial actions.

They’ll also save you the headache of an audit. Their financial management will protect you from being slapped with surprise taxes, and in the unfortunate case of the audit, they will help represent you when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service.


How Do I Find a CPA?


CPAs can hold a variety of roles within a business. They are tax filers, payroll administrators, and bookkeepers. Besides the owner, the CPA is responsible for the long term planning for a business.


Here at Estess CPAs, you can single us out easily: we’re the ones keeping your books in order and the farthest possible distance from an audit, we’re keeping track of payroll and disbursements, and we’re always devising the next best move for you, your money, and your business.


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