No matter the size of the operation, all forward-thinking business owners employ the services of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). As a business grows and becomes more profitable, the amount of money handled increases. The intelligent step is to find a CPA to manage, organize, and preserve that income.  


Some small business owners may believe that hiring a CPA is an unneeded expense. The thing is, a small business needs the advantages of a CPA just as much as larger businesses, but for different reasons. 


 Strong, Involved IRS Representation


Although enrolled agents and accountants can represent you before the IRS in the event of an audit, only certified public accountants can prepare and analyze financial statements in addition to representing you before the IRS. Circular 230, an IRS document that defines tax preparation regulation, states that CPAs can speak with the IRS on behalf of the taxpaying business, represent the business at conferences, hearings, and meetings; prepare, file, and submit documents on behalf of the business; and provide well-needed tax advice. Not only big companies need this kind of protection and advisorship, as an auditor showing up can be a nightmare of finding all your paperwork alone.


Simply, Someone to Deal with “Money Problems”


There are specific challenges in a small business’s future that may not become issues for every entrepreneur. Though a business makes projections for growth, it’s challenging to put together a healthy, strategic investment in the future when you have to spend all your time allocating capital, growing your sales, and cutting costs. Who’s watching the till if the owner puts all of their time and energy into the business end? CPAs help small business owners feel like they’re really in control of their business by providing guidance that avoids frustrating money hiccups, saving the owner a great deal of anxiety over their bottom line. 


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