Here are two business truths: (1) Every business needs to manage cash, pay its employees, keep its financial records, pay its bills and process its taxes; and (2) Every business needs to have someone who will handle all the critical accounting functions. The key questions are when to hire a business accountant and who is the best accountant to hire?


When Do I Need a Business Accountant?


Consider these questions to help you decide when you need a business accountant. Of course, you want someone who will manage the accounting processes and give you good advice—the best accountant for your needs and circumstances:


  • When you are just starting up and don’t know very much about accounting, or you need a lot of help in creating a platform for your business finances, a trained accountant can help you get started on the right path.
  • When you are working to create the correct legal structure for your business, an accounting professional can help you select and establish the right one.
  • When you don’t know much about the process of filing and tracking your tax liabilities, an accountant can provide valuable (and critical) care, saving you pain and money.
  • When your business is growing fast and you want to maintain control and enable proper focus on operations, an accountant can help keep you in the “good zone.”
  • When the IRS is calling, you want informed, reliable and experienced assistance.
  • When you need a business loan, an accountant can provide greatly needed help.

5 Signs to Hire the Best Accountant


Use these 5 signs in your search to find the best accountant to meet your needs:


  1. They are a CPA organization. That means they are licensed and qualified to perform a full range of accounting, tax and financial advisory services.
  2. They come well-referred. You want someone who is trusted and has built trust among other business professionals.
  3. They have solid experience and perspective in your industry.
  4. They demonstrate the orientation to being proactive; not just administering your accounts and accounting processes, but also looking beyond that to help your business succeed.
  5. They exhibit honesty and transparency. You want to know who you will work with and how you will communicate.

Clear Marks for a “No Go”


If any accounting person or firm you meet has any of these characteristics, drop them quickly:


  • They offer to share other client’s business information.
  • They offer to ‘fudge’ numbers.
  • They don’t answer questions completely or to the level of your need.
  • They sign documents or complete processes without your complete approval.

Choose Experienced Accounting Services you Like and Trust


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