Eddie try mislead if you’re Jessica is ecstatic, grateful you to definitely Eddie’s wife is Chinese

Which have Emery’s graduation from elementary college or university nearby, Louis and you can Jessica propose to servers an article-graduation all the-you-can-consume poultry food in the Cattleman’s, through its three sons permitted to give a friend.

Eddie goes to college and you can notices Nicole and you will Alison speaking and you will informs her or him that he is allowed to render a night out together to eating just after Emery’s graduation. Alison was initial thinking about fulfilling Jessica up to Eddie tells the woman you to definitely Jessica carry out probably end up being distressed along with her once the she desired your for a beneficial Chinese girlfriend. Eddie chooses to invite Alison over at the house prior to graduation so the one or two lady you can expect to greatest knowledgeable about; although not, the fresh visitor one comes is actually good Chinese woman entitled Audrey, exactly who masquerades as Alison. Eddie upcoming phone calls Alison, who apologizes and you can claims she panicked, and reassures Louis and you will Emery, who had satisfied the true Alison before, which they did not misremember which the latest Chinese girl in the their property is not Alison.

Louis informs Jessica that he met Alison hence she is great and you can Eddie reaffirms this of the proclaiming that Jessica will love the lady, to which Jessica feedback by the asking Eddie doing the mathematics and check just how many somebody she loves

24 hours later in school, Eddie talks having Alison and you can she once again apologizes, and then he says to the girl one to she will be able to already been more than this evening and he would present the woman safely to help you Jessica. Eddie shows that all of them watch Malcolm X, telling Alison one to Jessica is a big partner out of Denzel Arizona and this he had been saving the movie having when he did something most bad. Although not, when he will come house with Alison, the guy discovers Audrey within their cooking area playing Mah-jong with Jessica and Grandmother Huang, given that Jessica got enjoy her. Jessica asks which Alison are, and you may Eddie, panicking, claims one to Alison try a female Lookout that is attempting to sell snacks. Then he lets the restroom liquids focus on and you may flees from the restroom window so you’re able to go to Alison’s domestic, apologizing having their response before going domestic, telling Alison that they perform be grounded if the h2o expenses is actually too high.

Eddie claims however invite their partner, Alison, who’s creating at Emery’s graduation, staggering Jessica given that she didn’t come with tip Eddie had a girlfriend

Within Emery’s graduation, Eddie lies next to Jessica and you will observe given that Jessica tries to call out so you can “Alison”, no matter if Audrey cannot act. Once Emery provides a presentation and you will praises Jessica to possess interested in what’s good for the lady sons and you can Eddie having always are honest and you can speaking his brain, both Eddie and Jessica generate an excellent confession together, Eddie declaring your Chinese girl she knows is Alison is not their girlfriend and you will Jessica saying one to she will not like “Alison”. Eddie teaches you precisely what the real Alison did and you can Jessica states that the genuine Audrey is just too finest, likening the woman to tofu, drenching what you right up and get zero preferences of her own, and you will informs Eddie he will probably be worth a wife who’s an effective identification such him. Jessica up coming asks hence girl is the real Alison, and you will Eddie situations this lady away, and you will Jessica is amazed when she sees you to Alison is the earliest settee to possess piccolo.

Regarding the wake of your graduation, the household also Alison head to Cattleman’s, in which Jessica was impressed by Alison, particularly when Alison demonstrates to you one the woman is so excellent from the piccolo due to constant routine and therefore she had decided to know the newest piccolo considering the various unclaimed piccolo grants. Eddie tries to waste time having Alison, although Jessica tells your are a men and then have him or her a lot more poultry in which he complies. New Huang relatives together with Alison later view Malcolm X on Huang home, as the around three Huang sons flee when Jessica introduces the new water bill. [36]